Branch History

The RAF has long been associated with Morecambe, ever since the Second World War when hotels and guest houses, church halls and garages were commandeered by the MOD as billets, drill halls and stores. The Clarendon Hotel was the RAF HQ and the Midland Hotel an RAF hospital. The church of St Barnabas was the RAF church and we continue to use it for our services today. The hall at the United Reformed Church, Sefton Road, was a medical supplies store and the basement of the Alhambra was used for drill. Many servicemen and women came to Morecambe during the War for their training and many clearly remember marching down the Promenade – often in the pouring rain!

The Morecambe & Lancaster Branch was originally founded in December 1944. During its history there were two bleak periods when it closed, but it was reformed in 1986 by the late Group Captain Bob Nuttall who continued to inspire and guide members right up until his death in 2014.

The Branch now has some 180 members, with a core of around 40 who regularly come to meetings. These includes our wonderful RAFA Full Associates and Branch Support Members, who do not always have a direct connection with the RAF, but are some of our strongest supporters: without them many of our events just would not happen.