We meet for lunch at the Clarendon Hotel on the second Tuesday of each month at 12 15; this is a pleasant time to chat with others about this and that, enjoying a good laugh together.  For those who do not wish to partake of lunch they can join us in the set aside meeting room for our talk on interesting matters; either by members or invited speakers.  The cost of this is covered by a raffle.  Parking can be difficult but if you time your arrival to around 11.50 am you will find free spaces nearby. For those coming to the talks only will find parking more difficult but there is a 3 hours shoppers car park off Regent Road and a drive around some of the side roads will find a space or two but watch out for the 1 hr short term car parking?

We also meet in Bare Village Club during the period from April to September  at 7.30pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month; this  has a most pleasant room for us to meet in with access to a bar.  Parking is usually pretty good  at the club and spaces can be found on the side-roads.   We arrange a speaker to interest us for these meetings.  The evening meetings are arranged so that those still at work can attend; otherwise they could only participate by taking time off work.  It is up to the non-retired to encourage us to continue with these evening meetings: use them or lose them!

Regent Park Pavilion: The manager welcomes us to use the facilities for informal meetings of members and other serving or ex-serving personnel and their families: here you can meet informally and converse with people you have never met before, but who share an experience and interest that shaped our lives. No membership fees are charged for this facility.