Our Branch consists of more than 300 members and is located at the very southern end of Greater London. This position is in close proximity to a number of WW2 airfileds, namely Biggin Hill, Redhill, and of course Kenley. Hence our Branch and particularly the still agile and active WW2 veterans take great pride to keep history and memories alive. Our restless veteran Ken Raffield has invested much time and dedication to build a comprehensive archive of all related materials from once and now.

We are lucky to have one of the former RAF buildings on Kenley Airfield as the home of our Portcullis Club where Branch members meet on Tuesday nights from 7.30 pm and Sundays from 12 noon into the late afternoon. The club is also open for frequent Wings Appeal and other events.

Thanks to the glider operations of the Air Training Corps of nearby located RAF Squadrons, a strong link of the Branch with RAF service staff and air cadets exists.

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