Branch meetings take place at Lindley Liberal Club on the second Thursday of each month, commencing at 7pm.

Lindley Liberal Club is located at 36 Occupation Road, Lindley, HD3 3EQ.  (For guidance, this is the large detached building to the right of Lindley Clock Tower, as viewed when travelling from Huddersfield on Acre Street past Huddersfield Royal Infirmary).

The door has a security lock which can only be opened by a member’s card.  If there is no-one around, ring the bell and the bar staff will let you in if you say you’re there for the RAFA meeting.  We generally congregate at the bar on the left before the meeting starts.

Please note:  The meeting room used is on the first floor, which can only be accessed up three flights of stairs.  This can be difficult for anyone with mobility problems.