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Updated from A.G.M. of 06 March 2019

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Royal Air Forces Association Aphrodite Branch

2019 Annual Report

The Branch has elected a new Chairman Mr. Nik Williams. The outgoing Chairman Mr. Barry Higgs did not seek re-election. Mr. Barry Higgs was elected Vice President.


The Branch stared 2018 with €3199.49 in the General and ended the year with €4517.77. The Branch try’s to maintain a level in the region of €3,000 in the account. Therefore the branch decided to transfer €1687.77 in to the Wings Appeal Account.

The Branch’s Wings Appeal return to CHQ this year was €4583.91.


2018 was a very busy year for the ex-Welfare Officer Wendy Phillips. She travelled many miles visiting clients at various locations throughout the island. Before leaving her post Wendy handled and saw through to completion four cases, two of which had complicated circumstances.

During the past year, over €1500 was been spent on Welfare.

The post of Honorary Welfare Officer is currently vacant.


The committee is delighted to report that our branch won the Amodio Trophy this year for the most recruited new members of an overseas branch. Our Membership Secretary Anne Higgs was presented with this award at our Annual Conference last May.

Unfortunately, this year the Branch has lost 6 members, 4 of whom were Committee members and staunch supporters of the branch.  They have all returned to the UK.

Despite the branch having a healthy 116 members there continues to be a lack of support for our monthly meetings.  The Branch has 49 members living in Cyprus. Unfortunately the majority is elderly and they are unable to attend meetings.  Our numbers are inflated due to a change in policy by CHQ. Members can now select a second branch as part of their membership at no additional cost.  As this is a holiday island a lot of members chose this Branch as their second branch and regrettably these members are on island for only 2 weeks of the year.

Wings Appeal

The Wings Appeal, for the period Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 was very successful. Thanks mainly to the generosity, of the men and women stationed at RAF Akrotiri.

The total sum raised was over €4000; this amount was obtained from; Collection Boxes, Wings Week, The Station Fun Day, donations, and other sources, Wings Week alone raised over €800.

It must be said, that whilst a few members and the RAFALOs have worked very hard to achieve these figures, there needs to be more participation from the membership. Our main fundraisers this year will be Wing’s Week, Akrotiri Fun day, The Christmas Fayre and The Station Commanders Garden Party. Notification of these events will be placed on Social Media and will be contained in the Committee minutes.

The post of Wings Organiser is currently vacant.


The meetings/entertainment events are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month. They are organised alternately on and off Akrotiri Station. Advance notice of these events can be found on the website, Facebook and the committee minutes. The Committee thanks those members who attend the meetings on a regular basis but unfortunately they are few.  

Thank you

The Committee and the Branch are very fortunate to have the continued support of the RAFALOs, especially Flight Lieutenant Spike Milligan, Sgt Wayne Rudd and Cpl Dan Flannigan for which we are very grateful.

The Committee thank, the Station Commander and Chairman of the Messing Committee for granting the Branch permission to use the WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess.

Treasurer’s Report AGM 2019

A copy of the end of year accounts will be distributed at the start of the AGM and the Treasurer will have a copy of the full cash book, which was agreed by the Auditor should anyone wish to view it.

I should like to thank Tracey Colacicco, Station Audit Clerk, Service Funds for auditing our accounts this year, she very generously does this for us at no charge to the Branch, and with the agreement of all present, is happy to do so at the end of this year.

We started the year with €3,199.49 in the General Account and ended the year with €4,517.77, the level we have tried to keep the account at to allow for any unforeseen emergencies that may occur is around €3,000. Provision was made to transfer the sum of €1,687.77 to Wings Account to be sent CHQ Wings Appeal.

The Welfare Account started the year at €2,138.25 and ended the year with €605.82. We received a Welfare Rebate from our Wings Submission to CHQ of €1,331.36, however this was inadvertently credited to our Wings Account by RAF Akrotiri’s Service Funds Office and although subsequently transferred to our Welfare Account, this did not transpire until 7th January 2019 and therefore, the year end balance of Welfare Account does not reflect this sum.

Provision was made for a total of €4,583.91 to be sent by the Branch to CHQ for the Wings Appeal, made up of collections raised during 2018 Wings Appeal and a transfer of €1,687.77 from our General Account. However, due to lack of response from CHQ to Service Funds Office to request regarding international bank account details until February 2019, the sums remained in our accounts until then.

Fundraising for 2018 included merchandise sales at various station events realising a total of €279.03.

Donations during the year totalled €1,609.53, made up of €1,000 from RAF Akrotiri’s Station Charities, allocated in the previous year, together with €300.53 from RAF Police Charity and €309 in other donations.

The Branch committee made several Welfare donations through the year, which cannot be disclosed.

I hope this covers everything and makes it all clear, but would bear in mind that due to previous Treasurers resigning and leaving the Island, it has been fairly difficult to take up the reigns, but I believe I have done a thorough job of analysing and checking all records and transactions. If anybody has any queries please do not hesitate to let me know.