No. 1318

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Royal Air Forces Association,

Aphrodite Branch, held at WO and SGTs Mess RAF Akrotiri

On Thursday 26th September 2019, at 09.00


Mr Nik Williams

Mr Barry Higgs

Mr Francis Haggerty

Mrs Anne Higgs

Flt Lt A Milligan







Vice President/ Members Member

Honorary Secretary

Membership Secretary


  Action By
Item 1 Royal Air Forces Association’s Dedication.  
1.1 The Chairman opened the meeting with the Royal Air Forces Association’s Dedication.  
Item 2 Apologies for Absence:  
2.1 Honorary Treasurer – Ms Georgie Page-Dove

Vice Chairwoman – Mrs Betty Stockman

Item 3 Minutes of the previous meeting:  
3.1 The Minutes, without amendment, were approved by the committee as a true and accurate record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.


Item 4 Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting:  






Chairman welcomed two potential new members to the Meeting.  They are: Jon Berry and James Paddington, both RAF personnel.

This meeting was held in the Officers Mess following a RAFALO Breakfast in the Officers Mess as guests of Spike Milligan.  The Committee thanked the Senior RAFALO for his hospitality.







Item 5 Treasurer’s Report:  








The Treasurer submitted  accounts for July & Aug. and reported, the Branch Accounts as of 31 Aug:


General Account          €      3772.51

Welfare Account          €      1937.18

Wings Account            €       1669.48

1318 CHQ Sterling Branch Account         £. 256.94

Petty Cash                    €       165.69

Item 6 Welfare Officer’s Report:  
6.1 The Welfare Officer’s post has not yet formerly been taken over by  Dave Rice.  
6.2 Mrs Tina Graham head of SSAFA continues to handle any welfare cases that may arise.  


SSAFA’s offer  that we avail ourselves of the opportunity to attend one of their local Welfare Officers Courses still stands..

Item 7 Membership Secretary’s Report:  
7.1 The membership secretary reported, that numbers were steady.  
7.2 There will be a gentle recruiting drive during the Lunch at Skarinou on 9 Oct.


7.3 A Maroni Facebook site is to be approached to let their clients know about RAFA.  AH
Item 8 Wings Week Appeal Report:  



Wings Week Appeal collection raised €824.22, which is about €200 up on last year for actual cash collected.

Letters to be sent to Stn Cdr, Stn Charities Committee and Sodexo Shop Manager.




Item 9 RAFALO Report  
9.1 RAFALO Team are still very busy on the Station, though pressure is easing off.  
9.2 RAFALO Team are still very busy on the Station, though pressure is easing off.  AM
9.3 Stock Check and clean-up of the Stock Room. Done by Nik and  Georgie pre-Wings Week.  NW GPD
Item 10 Entertainments:  
10.1 October Events  








84 Sqn Visit. Wed 2 Oct 0945 at main gate for 1000 at Sqn.    Host is MACM David Wray & 84 Sqn. Op Order issued.

Following on from the 84 Sqn visit the group will proceed to the WO & Sgts Mess for Lunch at 1230. Cash Bar open at 1200. Very small personal cost for Lunch. RAFA will have a Reserved Table for RAFA & 84 Sqn Members.

Wed 9 Oct 1300.  Lunch at Danys’s Olive Restaurant, Skarinou. Located behind the big AlphaMega on the Nicosia Highway.  Meal cost, between €15 – € 20. Make your own way.







10.2 November Event  


Wed 6 Nov at 1930. RAFALO Organised Quiz Night in WO & Sgts Mess, RAF Akrotiri. Quiz Master – Daniel Flannigan.


10.3 December Event  
10.3.1 A RAFA Christmas Lunch is booked for The Hill View in Pissouri, Sunday 1st Dec.  1230. Please get you names and bookings in to Chairman asap.  Cost around  €17.50. Make your own way. NW
Item 11 Web Master Report
11.1 New Web Master  is David Boden. No actual  contact yet made by Hon Sec FH
11.2 Facebook page is showing a huge increase in activity. AM
Item 12 Any Other Business  



Pepsico (Lays Crisps) are willing  for a RAFA visit. A letter requesting a visit Wed 5 Feb will be sent.  Details to follow but possibly around 1000 at Polimedia Industrial Estate.  FH
12.2 Members are to be  reminded that the AGM will be on Wed 4 March at 1830 in WO & Sgts Mess ALL
 12.3 Christmas Lunch.  It was agreed that RAFA Apollo Branch should be invited to join us, notwithstanding that they may outnumber us at our own function!  FH
Item 13 Close of Meeting  
13.1 There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 1025  hours.  ALL
Item 14 Next Meeting
The next committee meeting; Thursday 28th Nov  2019 at 1100 hours in the WO and Sgts Mess.
Chairman’s signature  ……………………  
Date  …………………..

Minutes produced by Honorary Secretary Mr FM Haggerty.