No. 1318

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Royal Air Forces Association,

Aphrodite Branch, held at WO and SGTs Mess RAF Akrotiri

On Thursday 27th June 2019, at 11.00


Mr Nik Williams

Mrs Betty Stockman

Mr Barry Higgs

Mr Francis Haggerty

Ms Georgie Page-Dove

Mrs Anne Higgs

Flt Lt A Milligan











Vice Chairwoman

Vice President/ Members Member

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Membership Secretary



    Action By
Item 1 Royal Air Forces Association’s Dedication.  
1.1 The Chairman opened the meeting with the Royal Air Forces Association’s Dedication.  
Item 2 Apologies for Absence:  
2.1 None  
Item 3 Minutes of the previous meeting:  
3.1 The Minutes, without amendment, were approved by the committee as a true and accurate record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.


Item 4 Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting:  
4.1 None  
Item 5 Treasurer’s Report:  
5.1 The Treasurer reported, the Branch Accounts as of 31 May:


General Account                                         €       3314.57

Welfare Account                                        €        1937.18

Wings Account                                            €       1669.48

1318 CHQ Sterling Branch Account        £         256.94

Petty Cash                                                    €         165.69

Item 6 Welfare Officer’s Report:  
6.1 The Welfare Officer’s post is still vacant .  A serving person has volunteered but is still on Detachment.  
6.2 The Chairman stated that  in the meantime Mrs Tina Graham head of SSAFA will continue to handle any cases that may arise.  
6.3 SSAFA has suggested that we avail ourselves of the opportunity to attend one of their local Welfare Officers Courses.  This will be considered for any post volunteer.


6.4 RAFA HQ are setting  up a new online Welfare Course for Members. More details as they become available.


Item 7 Membership Secretary’s Report:  
7.1 The membership secretary reported, that numbers were steady.  
7.2 Anne Higgs received the RAFA HQ  Overseas “Individual Membership Trophy”, a certificate to be framed.


7.3 Aphrodite Branch won the “Overseas Wings Appeal  Certificate”.  
7.4 It was noted that “The  Dennis Eames Shield” was won by the Apollo Branch.  
Item 8 Wings Appeal Organiser’s Report:  
8.1 This post remains vacant.  
Item 9 RAFALO Report  
9.1 RAFALO Team are very busy on the Station.  
9.2 Sgt Wayne Rudd has now left the Island. He will be missed.  
9.3 Key List to be updated for access to Stock Room. All Committee Members aught to be on the list. New Hon Sec is missing.  
9.4 Stock Check and clean-up of the Stock Room is still required.  
Item 10 Entertainments:  
10.1 August  Event  
10.1.1 Kolios Winery Paphos planned for 3 July has unfortunately been cancelled as there were so few responses to the Chairman’s pleas for confirmation numbers.  
10.2 September Event  
10.2.1 RAFA Wings Week.  9-13 Sep (Every day).  Permissions have been received from Stn Cdr, Sodexo Shop Manager and Chair of Charities Committee.


10.2.2 Timings to be 1000-1330 for all RAFA Volunteers.  
10.2.3 Post Volunteers:  Mon   –  Nik and Georgie

Tues.  –   Betty

Wed.  –  Barry & Anne

Thurs.-   Frank

Fri    –    Nik and Georgie

10.2.4 Volunteers are required for all days. It would be really great to have at least 3 members on each day.


10.3 October Event  
10.3.1 An evening meal at Skarinou has been proposed. Details will be distributed as they firm up.  
10.4 November Event  
10.4.1 TBN  
10.5 December Event  
10.5.1 A RAFA Christmas Lunch is planned for The Hill View in Pissouri, Sunday 1st Dec.  Please get you names and bookings in to Chairman asap. Further Details as soon as they are available.  
Item 11 Web Master Report  
11.1 New Web Master has been identified – David Boden is the lucky volunteer.  
11.2 Facebook page is showing a huge increase in activity and has been used by Visitors to Cyprus.  
Item 12 Other Notified Items  
12.1 Letter to be sent to the CMC requesting continuing use of the

Public rooms for our monthly meetings.


Item 13 Any Other Business  
13.1 Sylvanas Restaurant Akrotiri, on 5 June was a great success though low in numbers the food, quiz and company were all very good.  
13.2 CJSU and the Police are fully aware of the Phishing emails that are continually being sent to RAFA Members.  Their only advice to us is that any such email should NOT BE OPENED and should be DELETED.  
13.3 With the awkward timings for the changeover of Station Commander next Summer it was decided to cancel any plans for a Garden Party next year – 2020.  
13.4 The Station Commander wished to attend the AGM on

4th March 2020.  Letter of Invitation to be sent. Start 19.15 hrs.


Item 14 Close of Meeting  
14.1 There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 1158 hours. The next committee meeting; Thursday 25th July 2019 at 1100 hours in the WO and Sgts Mess.  

Chairman’s signature  ……………………


Date  …………………..

  Minutes produced by Honorary Secretary Mr FM Haggerty.